GitHub Student Developer Pack

In this article, I will be briefly describing how you can sign up to GitHub Student Developer pack and get 70+ free resources for students.

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Have you ever used GitHub Student Developer Pack? If yes, you must have been utilizing your free resources to the fullest. If not, here I will be briefly describing how you can sign up to GitHub Student Developer pack and get 70+ free resources for students. As an aspiring student, you can apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which includes a lot of offers and benefits from many GitHub partners.

To be eligible for GitHub Student Developer Pack, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a degree or course of study on any kind of educational institution.
  • Have a verifiable school issued email address or documents which can prove you as a student such as your school identity card or enrolment verification letter.
  • Have an account on GitHub.
  • Be at least 13 years old.

How to apply?

Go to GitHub Education and, click on Get Benefits on the top right

You will be redirected to GitHub login and authorization. Login with your GitHub account to proceed.

After authorization is successful, you will be redirected to the GitHub education page where you will have multiple benefits options for different programs. Select on Get Student Benefits.

You will see a page with a form to fill your details. On the input box to enter your school's name, enter your school's name. If your school/college/university is on the list, select it. If you have your school's name listed, you need to provide an email address issued by your school to proceed. You need to add your school's email address on GitHub Email Settings if you haven't done already. After adding your school-issued email address it will be displayed at top. Just complete the form and submit.

If you didn't find your school/college/university's name on the list, you can manually type the name and you can submit. On the next page you will need to verify your student identify by providing student ID or any enrolment verification letter along with your school's information. Fill in the form and submit.

It might take up to two weeks to your application to be verified depending upon the way of registration you chose. You will get an email with verification information from GitHub education if you are eligible for GitHub Student Developer Pack. Once you are verified you can have benefits of more than 70 free tools and resources to use.

Fun fact: The cover image for this blog post was designed using Canva Pro Subscription from GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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