3 Best Mod Android Apps You Should Try

Here is a list of my three best modified Android apps and patches you should try.

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Android is renowned for its customizability. Unlike other mobile operating systems, Android allows us to modify practically anything on our mobile device with sufficient knowledge and expertise. A significant aspect of this customizability is the flexibility to install external applications from any source. Unlike some other mobile OSs like iOS, which restrict users to installing apps only from the official app store, Android users can install apps from anywhere, as long as they have an .apk file.

While allowing external application sources is mostly risky, it sometimes opens up opportunities for enthusiasts to install more feature-rich versions of popular official apps from other sources. In this article, I am going to discuss three of my favorite unofficial modified Android apps or app patchers that can help you save some money and live your life without the restrictions of official apps.

Note: The mod apps or patchers I'm going to discuss here are all community-trusted, with a large number of user bases. However, there is no absolute guarantee of privacy and security with these apps. Use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage to your accounts or your phone. Do your own research if you are skeptical about anything mentioned in this article.


YouTube Vanced was a highly popular open-source, modified version of YouTube that enabled users to access YouTube premium features without any cost, along with numerous additional features and improvements. However, in March 2022, YouTube Vanced was discontinued due to legal reasons. According to official sources, Google sued the developers for unauthorized use of the YouTube logo and branding. Regardless of the exact reason, a thriving community project came to an abrupt end overnight, leaving many disappointed.

Fun Fact: YouTube Vanced was YouTube Advanced but without Ad.

After just a few months, a new child was born to continue the legacy of YouTube Vanced, named ReVanced. Unlike YouTube Vanced, ReVanced doesn't stick to YouTube alone; it is available with the capability of patching a wide range of apps we love, using its manager app. It is primarily focused on YouTube, with a comparatively large number of predefined patches available for YouTube, but it can also patch other apps.

ReVanced patches for YouTube offer premium features of YouTube as well as many additional features at no cost. Some of them are ads blocker, SponsorBlock, dislike counts, background play, custom UI/Menus etc. You can explore the features from ReVanced settings within patched YouTube app.

Installation and Usage

ReVanced utilizes its manager app for patching, installing, and updating modified apps. The ReVanced Manager app can be downloaded from its official GitHub repository. To acquire it, you'll need to download the .apk file from the assets section of the page and install it on your phone.

Once the installation is complete, open the manager app and navigate to the bottom menu where you should click on the 'Patch' option. From there, select 'Select an application' and make your selection from the list of installed apps.

If you get an error: Many of the modern apps on our phones are split APKs, which ReVanced currently does not support patching for non-rooted devices. If you're interested in rooting your phone to gain superuser access, an informative article is available to guide you through the process.

However, it's also possible to use ReVanced with non-rooted phones. The simplest approach is to download the recommended version of the app (indicated in ReVanced Manager) from third-party app stores such as APKMirror.

Save the file to your device's storage, select the app within the storage, choose the desired patches from the list from 'Select patches' menu, initiate the patching process and wait for completion. While you have the option to select specific patches, sticking to the default settings is generally recommended to prevent any patching errors. After patching is complete, install the app and enjoy.

ReVanced also has a CLI tool that can be used to patch apps using a PC. Its setup and usage are out of the scope for this article.


xManager is an open-source patch manager specifically designed to provide patches for a single app. Interestingly, it's quite challenging to find out the functionality of xManager by simply browsing its website or GitHub repository, as there are no obvious mentions of its purpose or the specific app it patches.

As an experienced user of xManager, I'd like to clarify that its primary function is to facilitate the download of patched versions of the Spotify app we all love. In the patched version of the app from xManager, we can find all premium Spotify features unlocked at no cost, such as no ads, no skip limitations, on-demand play, etc.

Installation and Usage

When compared to ReVanced, installing a modified Spotify app through xManager is a straightforward process. Just download the .apk file from the 'Assets' section on the GitHub release page, install it, select your preferred app variant, download and install it and enjoy! It's that simple. You can find most of the required details within the manager app.


Instander is another one of my favorite Android app mods because it offers several features that might seem legally questionable to use. Instander functions as a patched version of the Instagram app.

Unlike other patched apps discussed here, Instander is completely closed source. This implies that Instander's source code and any related information are not available for public review. In defense of not releasing Instander's source code, the developers argue that since Instander is an extension of the official closed-source Instagram app, it would be unethical to publish Instagram's source code. This reasoning seems quite reasonable. Despite being a closed-source app, it has gained a high level of trust within the community and is widely used.

While Instander offers a multitude of features, some of the absolute bangers include ghost mode (allowing you to view stories and livestreams anonymously), media download, an ad blocker, and developer mode. You can explore the range of Instander offerings within the app's Instander Settings.

Installation and Usage

Instander has the most straightforward installation process compared to others. Just go to the Instander repository on the official developer's website, download the latest version (or supported version) of the .apk file, install it, and enjoy. As simple as that. There are two versions of the app: the original and the clone. The original one shares the same package name as the official Instagram, while the clone has a different package name, allowing you to install Instander and the official Instagram side by side. Download whichever variant you prefer.

With the increase of open-source culture and community, there are several other modified Android apps found on the internet. We should always be cautious before installing random apps and think thrice before installing or logging into them. These were some of the popular and my favorite ones; I use them regularly (at my own risk). Feel free to share in the comments section below if you encounter any issues while installing or patching the mentioned apps. Also, share your favorite Android mod apps for me to try.